We treat you as a business partner with the simple premise that a partnership is more than one sale and is mutually beneficial long term.


With in-house branding, we can help you get the best look and quality for your requirements.

You may want some items embroidered, others with a screen print, and others with a transfer, and some with a mix of everything.


WE DELIVER AS PROMISED. Simple, but not everyone does this.

One location, split deliveries, pickup – the choice is yours.


We supply all the major brands so the choice is wide and varied.

And if you want something really unique then we will manufacture to your requirements.

Special Uniforms

Womens cut, safety for night workers, or electricians or tree loppers or welders, whites for painters, the list goes on.

Whatever your uniqueness, we’ve got you covered.


We provide a specialist online shop if you want branches and/or staff ordering from a pre-approved list.