Phoenix 6C EH MET



    3 – 16


  • Full grain leather upper
  • Water Resistant Full-Grain Leather Upper
  • PORON XRD® internal metatarsal protection
  • Completely metal free and airport friendly

  • APODA Endorsed
    Footwear showing this logo have been tried, tested and recommended by experts.

  • DuPont Kevlar
    DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fibre is used due it being lightweight, heat resistant and extraordinarily strong, with 5 times the strength of steel on an equal-weight basis. It is about 2.5 times stronger than nylon and polyester, has almost no stretch, does not melt, and decomposes at 800ºF.

  • Poron Xrd
    Extreme impact protection pad is durable, lightweight and comfortable. Poron™ XRD™ is designed to withstand multiple hits over time and not break down.

  • Airport Friendly
    Airport friendly boots feature non-metallic components. Plastic shanks are used in manufacture together with the use of a composite safety cap to ensure footwear meets AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 safety standards.

  • Achilles Flex
    Accordian-style flex point in the Achilles area allows the boot to flex. It's unique design allows the foot to flex forward when crouching and backward when changing gears in a car/truck preventing any pain and restriction in movement from the achilles tendon.

  • Memory Foam Footbed
    Sensitive to pressure and moulds perfectly around the contours of your foot. The PU bottom layer provides permanent cushioning and shock absorption.

  • Metguard
    Extreme impact protection from a moulded pad stretching from the tongue to the steel cap. Contoured, breathable and flexible allowing ease of motion for comfort & fit whilst protecting the metatarsal. Tested in accordance to ASTM F 2413-11.

  • Rubber Outsole
    Rubber outsoles are tough, hard wearing, and oil & grease-resistant. The polyurethane midsole provides additional comfort and energy rebound. These soles are heat resistant to 300º Celsius.

  • Electrical Hazard
    Electrical hazard footwear is specifically designed and tested to insulate the wearer from electrical hazards, to reduce the flow of electricity. EH Footwear has been tested to the requirements of ASTM F2413-11. EH shoes should not be used as the primary source of protection in an electrical hazard environment.

  • Composite Toe Cap
    Composite safety toe caps provide the same level of protection as that afforded by steel toe caps tested under AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 (200 Joules) standards, with the added benefit of being non-conductive and are up to 30% lighter than a steel toe cap.

  • Protective TPU Toe Bumper
    Protective Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) toe and heel bumpers provide further abrasion resistance.

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